Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley began our third decade with an ambitious goal: twice the homes in half the time. 

In 2011, Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley entered into its third decade. During our first 20 years, 60 homes were built or rehabbed. Our goal for the next 10 years is to complete 120 homes: twice the homes in half the time. 

Habitat for Humanity homes are built primarily through volunteer construction labor, which helps keep the cost of the homes affordable for our buyers. Project Directors are Habitat staff while crew leaders members are all volunteers.   

Volunteer Opportunities

The driving force behind our organization is our volunteers— those who contribute a day, a week, or a few months to help turn Habitat’s vision into a reality. Help build, serve on a committee, help run our ReStore, assist in fundraising events, or donate materials. We welcome you as an individual or as a group.

Home Construction
A Brush With Kindness
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Critical Needs

Call our office at 847-836-1432 to discuss these options:

  • Project Leader: Experienced construction professionals or amateurs capable of running a build site, ordering materials, organizing work days, and leading build activities are asked to contact Travis Juracek, Construction Manager at travis.juracek@habitatnfv.org.

  • Wednesday Regulars: We are always seeking to increase our core volunteer group of Wednesday Regulars. Don't be fooled by the name; Wednesdasy Regulars are NOT a group of volunteers that come out every Wednesday to volunteer. While some of our Wednesday Regulars do, in fact, volunteer every Wednesday like clockwork, we also have Wednesday Regulars that come out every Friday to volunteer, or every other Saturday. We even have Wednesday Regulars that come out every single day we build. Our Wednesday Regulars are the heart and soul of our volunteer base. If you are interested in volunteering with us on a regular basis, please consider contacting our Volunteer & Outreach Manager, Olivia, at olivia.vlahos@habitatnfv.org for additional details. Wednesday Regulars are often asked to serve as Crew Leaders alongside staffed Project Directors simply because their experience from volunteering with us weekly/biweekly gives them a leg up over first-time volunteers.

Community and Corporate Groups

Volunteer days are available for community and corporate groups. Teams should call the Habitat for Humanity affiliate office at 847-836-1432 to discuss opportunities, including our build day program.

Community Service/Court-Ordered Volunteering

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley does accept community service/court-ordered volunteers. These volunteers must be pre-approved by our Volunteer Coordinators. If you have more than 50 hours to complete, please contact ReStore Volunteer Coordinator, Lance Dailey, by calling (847) 742-9905 ext. 6 or email lance.dailey@habitatnfv.org. If you have less than 50 hours to complete, please contact Volunteer & Outreach Manager, Olivia Vlahos, at olivia.vlahos@habitatnfv.org, and be sure to include the following information:

  1. How many hours you need to complete
  2. Date you need your hours completed by
  3. Reason for needing to complete volunteer hours (charges)

For More Information

For general volunteering information, please call our affiliate office at 847-836-1432 or email olivia.vlahos@habitatnfv.org. For ReStore-specific information, contact Lance Dailey at 847-742-9905 ext. 6 or email lance.dailey@habitatnfv.org.

Volunteer Evaluation Form

We would love your feedback about your recent volunteering experience. Please take a few minutes and send comments to Olivia Vlahos, Volunteer & Outreach Manager, at olivia.vlahos@habitatnfv.org, or take our Volunteer Satisfaction Survey.