Application Process

Anyone interested in applying must attend our Home Buying Orientation and receive a certificate of attendance.

Applicants are required to apply in person within 30 days of receiving the Certificate.

Once an application has been reviewed, the applicant will be given status within 3 business days of application.

Files will get submitted to board of Directors for pre-approval once a file has been pre-qualified.

Pre-approved borrowers are offered 2 properties based on the housing requirements, borrower’s needs and affordability. If Borrower denies both offers they will be positioned at the bottom of the waiting list, if 6 six months go by, the borrower is required to re-apply.

Once a property is accepted by the borrower, the staff and Borrower will attend a pre-construction meeting to discuss the actual construction process.

After the pre-construction meeting, the borrower will be required to start completing their Sweat Equity Hours and take required classes.

Once the project is completed and the Borrower has finished the sweat equity requirement, the file is re-evaluated for closing.