Donate to ReStore

Donations of building materials may be used directly on one of our build sites, depending on construction needs. However, most donations are sold through our ReStore, and the proceeds directly fund current building projects. If you would like to discuss a donation directly, please call the ReStore at 847-742-9905.

Learn more about our Corporate Donor Recognition program

Donate Building Materials, Furniture, Appliances

Whether you have overstock, surplus, or discontinued product lines or display materials, or are involved in remodeling projects where reusable materials are being replaced with new product, we may want it. Habitat for Humanity is a 501(c)3 charity, so donations are tax deductible.

We ask for your cooperation in donating only materials that are truly reusable. Please understand that if we feel that we cannot sell an item, we reserve the right to decline the donation, so that ReStore profits are used to build homes, and not pay for disposal fees.

Click here for a list of what we can and cannot accept.

Our list changes, depending on current inventory and sales.

Drop Off Time

We encourage you to bring your donations to ReStore anytime during our store hours. Do not leave items outside ReStore when we are closed. Please call the ReStore with any questions in regards to donations at 847-742-9905 Tuesday through Saturday. We reserve the right to refuse any donation for any reason.

Call Ahead

Please always call ahead before bringing materials to ReStore at 847-742-9905 and ask to speak with our Procurement Manager or complete the Online Donation Form.

We Pick-Up

Need home pick-up? We can arrange that while we are in your area! Please call ReStore at 847-742-9905 and ask to speak with our Procurement Manager to make arrangements.

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